Many 18 Wheeler Trucks in a Line

Rugged, Reliable GPS Tracking

Your yellow iron is among your most expensive equipment, and without it, you wouldn't be able to do your job. Make sure you'll know where it is 24/7 with the Heavy Equipment Tracking Unit (HT-4212).

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Equipment Tracking Benefits

The Heavy Equipment Tracking Unit is a ruggedized, weatherproof equipment tracking unit using GPS and GSM cell phone network technology to provide GPS location based information to equipment operators. The GPS location data is used to assist equipment fleet operators with theft issues, inventory management and maintenance.

Equipment inventory management is key to lowering service and maintenance expenses and getting the closest piece of equipment to the jobsite to reduce trailering miles. Maintenance expenses decrease by scheduling maintenance based on actual engine hours and not calendar days. Better maintenance for less money means more production from very expensive assets.

Equipment Tracking Operational Examples

  • Maintenance by actual engine hours
  • Track engine hours on rental equipment
  • Track inventory over large geographic area
  • Improved maintenance = longer service life
  • Stop equipment hoarding by project managers
  • Can be installed on Bobcat and small machines
  • Know and visualize which asset is in what area
  • Track speed to reduce accidents while trailering
  • Far less expensive than factory installed system
  • Receive engine hour runtime for schedule maintenance
  • Set geo-fences to alert you if equipment leaves jobsite
  • Don't dispatch technicians to find out equipment has moved

Real-time, Easy to Use, Live GPS Equipment Tracking

  • Low monthly fees
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Ignition block capable
  • Cost effective equipment tracking
  • Email alerts for engine hour triggers
  • Email alerts for warning light activation
  • Email alerts for various performance variables
  • Ping capable (locate between scheduled updates)
  • Automatic position updates on a scheduled basis
  • Access account online from home, office or road
  • Set and clear geo-fences manually or on set schedule
  • Built and tested for rigors of use on heavy equipment
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